"I like the layout of the new hub. It looks more professional and has a much more user-friendly interface, especially for navigating the resources. The staff at school found the training easy to navigate and pick up where they left off. It is also extremely helpful to see where our school was in relation to achieving our certified school status and to see the progress of training throughout the school.
High Lawn Primary School

There are so many different courses that can be accessed on a range of topics and because it is all virtual, staff can access this at a time and place to suit them. The ready-made lesson plans and assemblies are another benefit of the package – these can be downloaded and used straight away, which is a great time-saver for staff! The resources for pupils can also be located and downloaded to use quickly. Everything we need to support online safety is all in one place!
West View Primary School

"The NOS package offers training to staff, governors, DSL, SENCo and parents, including training on Social Media and Reputation, all CPD certified. It also provides a wealth of resources for staff, students and parents on various key topics, online safety courses, webinars, updates on risks for specific apps and games, guides and resources, together in one place for the whole school community to access.
Risedale Sports & Community College

Online Safety has always been a priority for Deneholm Primary School, particularly in the current climate where the children are learning virtually. We are therefore extremely pleased to be able to say that all of our staff are up-to-date with the latest advances in Online Safety meaning that we can focus on teaching our students knowing they remain in a safe learning environment.”
Deneholm Primary School

“During the global pandemic we wanted to ensure that our children were safe and educate our community about how to do this – using the NOS portal ensured that everyone involved had a consistent and thorough approach to safeguarding online due to the comprehensive resources and training package offered to all users. We are passionate about keeping our children safe online and having one place in which to gain comprehensive resources, training and knowledge has been incredibly useful at this time.”
Samuel Barlow Primary Academy

"With everything that’s happening and children accessing a lot more online platforms, I felt like we needed to raise more awareness, not only for the staff, but also for the parents too. We selected the appropriate #WakeUpWednesday posters and sent these out to parents. We felt this information highlighted matters, which parents needed to be aware of considering the child’s age group and what they are accessing at home. From this, we really felt parents could actually see what the dangers are and how they need to be careful.”
Carlyle Infant & Nursery Academy

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